¿ Cual mejor ? LP vs SACD vs CD en sistema análogo del doble de precio que el lector SACD/CD

Un tema interesante en el foro de Polk Audio donde un usuario pone frente a frente un sistema análogo para reproducir discos LP contra un lector SACD/CD. El sistema análogo cuesta el doble del lector SACD/CD ¿ Cual fue el resultado a su parecer ? ¿ Te atreves a leer ?

El tema completo está en:

A Comparison Of The SACD, CD, and LP Versions Of Six Titles

El equipo usado fué este:

Source Hardware
The analog source was a Teres model 255 turntable outfitted with a Graham Phantom B-44 tonearm, Ortofon MC Windfeld phono cartridge, Sonic Purity Concepts record clamp, and Audioquest LeoPard tonearm cable. The phono preamp was a Pass Labs Xono. The MSRP of the turntable/tonearm/cartridge/tonearm cable/record clamp/phono preamp is $16,325.

The digital source was a Cary Audio CD 306 SACD Professional Version, which has an MSRP of $8000. Although the analog source's retail cost is over twice (2.04X) as much as the digital source, it did not and does not provide twice as much resolution and listening pleasure. They both provide excellent high resolution playback provided the source material is both well recorded and well transferred to disc.

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