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Si bien no estamos en posibilidades de confirmarlo tampoco lo dudamos mucho. Algunas veces es un simple remarcado de productos, otras veces hay mejoras en partes o firmware.

Sin duda esto le podrá romper el corazón a muchos amantes de marcas apreciadas aquí como Denon, Infinity, Klipsch, Tannoy ya sabemos que de hecho es propiedad ya de una controladora china.

CHINESE: Chinese hi-fi companies are now starting to enter the world market on their own. For years Japanese companies such as Denon sold rebadged OEM products by Shanling and Shengya, and Rotel and Mark Levinson's Red Rose Music sells rebadged OEM products by Korsun. Carrying on his successful story of Korsun, Mr. Zou Yuan Yuan, president and chief designer, founded Dussun. and Ming-Da products are targeting the high end, definitely not "cheap" electronics. Affordable Valve Company and PrimaLuna are getting popular in Europe. Gini's Chinese hifi is good. Many speaker brands including Klipsch, Velodyne, Infinity, Tannoy and Athena import speakers from China. A lot of hifi equipment and cables are actually rebadged imported OEM'd electronics from China with huge price markups. Maybe finally the world hifi market deserves a "wake up call" to start selling their products at reasonable affordable prices. The decline in sales of hifi hardware is directly attributable to the insatiable greed of hifi companies who've raised their prices to insane tiers. This article "The Chinese way: I want to know" lists Chinese brands that are OEM'ed and rebadged by more expensive brands.
This article "Busman's Holiday, China Style" shows that hifi is more popular in China than anywhere else in the world, probably, next to Japan. Hifi dealer Sekei, listed below, sells Chinese hifi in their native brands.

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