Por ejemplo este Renkus-Heinz. ¿ Audio profesional en casa ?

Muchas veces me causa gran curiosidad hacer pruebas con equipo profesional adecuado para uso residencial, ya antes he tenido experiencias bastante buenas con Martin Audio y  PAS por ejemplo, ahora estas Renkus-Heinz digitalmente controladas me resultan muy interesantes. Es claro que hay diferencias en la aplicación y estas Renkus-Heinz creo sería más dificil adpatarlas a uso casero pues son netamente para espacios grandes pero aun así es siempre atractivo especular con cruces del audio profesional al residencial.

Adaptable, Articulate, Invisible

Digital beam steering puts IC Live output where it belongs: on the audience, not walls or ceilings.

Computer software lets you define the opening angles for as many as four sonic beams from each IC Live array module (up to 8 beams when stacked) and aim them up or down. Meanwhile, the slim enclosure stays vertical and inconspicuous.

Two ICL-R modules can be stacked for even tighter control and higher output.

Powerful, Accurate, Musical
Iconyx transparent technology controls sound with DSP intelligence, not cumbersome brute-force techniques. Multi-channel class D digital amplifiers with Integral DSP engines control every single array element with programmable precision.

High-current audiophile output stages power each light, efficient transducer in the Iconyx array individually. Even at 100 feet, SPL is an impressive105 dB (108 dB when stacked). Output is flat from 80 Hz to 20 kHz.

Low frequency energy can be extended to 40 Hz or below with matching subwoofers.

Portable, Scalable, Versatile
Iconyx IC Live arrays are engineered for portable applications, with a comprehensive hardware system that makes setup simple.

Two IC Live arrays can be combined for added output and control. When full range musical output is important to the program, one or two IC215-S dual 15-inch subwoofers can be added to either array.

The subwoofers can act as tall or wide bases for IC Live arrays using the interlocking hardware system.

One-Touch Presets, Intuitive Software
RHAON empowered IC Live arrays provide a full set of remote control and supervision functions, along< with the ability to store up to ten preset configurations in memory.

The presets adapt the arrays 150° wide horizontal coverage for typical applications such as hotel meeting rooms or auditoriums.

For more complex situations, Iconyx BeamWare software makes it easy to shape the array’s coverage to the audience area.

High Performance Woofers and Drivers

IC Live transducers were chosen for their light weight and high performance. Both the low frequency woofers and the high frequency drivers feature Neodymium magnets known for their high efficiency and low weight. The high-power 6.5 inch woofers have a 1.5 inch copper voice coil and a stiff cone with a soft supple surround.

The high-power 6.5 inch woofers have a 1.5 inch copper voice coil and a stiff cone with a soft supple surround.

The high frequency drivers have a titanium coated dome which dramatically increases stiffness for improves transient response and reduced intermodulation distortion. An edge wound copper clad aluminum voice coil wound on Nomex completes the diaphragm assembly.

Un vistazo al software de control.

Powerful Algorithms, Intuitive Interface

The software algorithms that digitally shape and steer the output of an IC Live are complex, but the user interface is intuitively simple. Our BeamWare Windows application lets you model the audience area, then drag and drop beams until coverage is optimized.

BeamWare then calculates a set of FIR (Finite Infinite Response) filters that control the array. Before loading the arrays onto the truck, simply download the full set of FIR filters from your computer to the IC Live modules over Ethernet. At the venue, the vertical array sets up quickly and easily.

With optimized coverage, everyone from the front rows to the rear of the audience enjoys consistently articulate and musical sound at comfortable listening levels.

Ajustes programables:
The conventional line array depends on mechanical alignment to control its acoustical energy balloon. You have to build a new multi-enclosure array for every project: first setting the angles between enclosure and then tilting the entire array. The hardware that accomplishes this is complicated, expensive and can be time-consuming to set up.

With digital steering, the process is simple. Decide whether you need one IC Live, or two. Determine whether you need IC215S subwoofers. For most situations, you’ll then simply pick a preset beam of 20°, 25° or 30° vertical coverage and an aiming angle of ± 0 – 30°. Because you steer the beam digitally, the array is always vertical. This makes the hardware much simpler, easier and faster to set up.

Digitally steered arrays can adapt to a wider range of audience sizes and shapes, because individual control of every driver gives you much more precision and a wider range of patterns. Using BeamWare, you can define and aim up to four beams of sound from each IC Live array module. Each can be separately shaped and steered.

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