La reconocida y gustada grabación Cantate Domino ahora en HDtracks

Cantate Domino, una grabación del sello Proprius, clásica y muy gustada entre audiófilos por muchos años ya ha sido incluída en el catálogo de HDtracks según informa Enjoy The Music.

HDtracks now has the famous Proprius audiophile recording label's Cantate Donio as performed by Marianne Mellnas, Alf Linder and the Oscar's Motet Choir in 24-bit/88kHz! Cantate Domino, recorded by legendary sound engineer Bertil Alving in 1976, is widely regarded as one of the greatest audiophile masterpieces ever recorded. Opening with Enrico Bossi's "Cantate Domino" for choir, organ, trumpets and trombones, the choral album includes a number of Swedish folk songs as well as pieces by Handel, Otto Olsson, and others. The famous reference record is now made even better with this new hi-definition release.

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