IRENE/3D al rescate de viejos discos análogos.

En el Laboratorio Nacional Lawrence Berkley invesigadores haciedno uso de fotografía están restaurando y reconstruyendo grabaciones contenidas en viejos discos, ya recataron una grabación de 125 años de antigüedad. Scientists Resurrect Damaged Analog Audio Discs Via Photography – At Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, researchers are restoring old analog discs—some with whole sections missing—by taking hi-def pictures of them, reconstructing missing parts, and then playing the digitized discs with an emulated stylus. The system is called IRENE/3D, allowing the researchers to repair the discs digitally. They started by recovering some 125-year-old recordings made by a team in Alexander Graham Bell’s Volta laboratory. The all-digital system offers a hands-off way to recover audio from relic recordings without risk of damaging the originals in the process.

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