Un buen reproductor de CD de la olvidada Sherwood

En estos tiempos es cada vez más difícil encontrar un reproductor CD de buena calidad y un precio razonable. Sherwood, una marca bastante olvidada presenta este interesante aparato en su linea Newcastle.
Single CD Player with Professional Performance
The CD-772 Newcastle CD Player and its perfectly matched RX-772 Stereo Receiver, are designed for the purist. The Profesisonal performance of the CD-772 delivers concise audio reproduction with full detail in a contemporary, simple to use solution.

» Plays CD-DA, CD-R/RW & MP3
» 192kHz/24Bit High Quality D/A Converter
» 8 Times Oversampling
» CD Upsampling to 192kHz/24Bit
» 1 Optical Digital Output
» 1 Analogue Output
» Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz
» Dynamic Range 95dB
» Vibration Resistant Design
» High Accuracy Master Clock Oscillator to Supress Jitter & Noise
» One-Touch Auto Function Operation
» Remote Control
» Colour Availability: Titan

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