Epítome del show RMAF 2013: La tendencia está retornando a audio digital

Según el parecer de esta publicación, este último show a diferencia de los últimos ha tenido un cambio en tendencia, dejando un poco el ímpetu del llamado retorno del audio análogo y enfocándose más en audio digital y cualquiera de sus manifestaciones: DAC's, descargas, servidores, DSD.

The buzz words of this show were the acronyms DSD and Double DSD, or DXD. Displays in the halls, the rooms and suites were mostly showing off new and better sounding DACs that now boast both new technologies as well as revamped older formats. The DSD DACs appeared to be the big winners that included a packed house attendance at a DSD seminar held late Saturday afternoon. As we move forward, great sounding products continue to appear at virtually all price points and coming in all sizes. The CD format is not dead yet (neither is the ubiquitous vinyl LP!), but high resolution downloads are now becoming available from more and more sources and in more and more types of music. Is DSD better than, say, 24/192? I think the jury is still out. But if this show was any indication, I would argue that exciting times are ahead for music and Hi Fi lovers everywhere.

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