Dual Disc II : Máquina automática reparadora de CDs

The Dual Disc II Repair Machine


 Simple to Use:
Snap 2 discs into place, start with single button choice of 30, 60, 90, 120, 180 second time cycles. Machine auto-starts and auto-stops when cycle is completed.
The Dual Disc II repair machine can repair two discs at a time, up to 240 discs per hour! making this the fastest desktop disc repair machine in the world!
Low Cost Per Disc:
Supplies for the Dual Disc II ™ are sold in kits, making it easy to calculate your cost per disc accurately. This Eliminates the guesswork, The Dual Disc II ™ is the simplest machine to see your real per disc costs. For average (30 second) repairs, the consumable cost is as low as 7 cents per disc! and even less expensive when you buy PoliCool in volume.

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