Dieter Burmester (1946-2015). Gute Reise Herr Burmester und vielen Dank.

Me acabo de enterar, tardíamente que Dieter Burmester, músico y fundador de la afamada casa Burmester falleció el 15 de Agosto, hace apenas unos días. Innegable figura en el audio de alta gama con productos emblemáticos y notables. Gracias por el gusto, las emociones e impetu que aportó al audio de alta calidad.

Un bonito artículo en memoria de Dieter Burmester:

In the course of being an audio writer in the high-end field, you meet a lot of manufacturers. Most have a unique combination of passion for music and sharp business acumen needed to make a success in the audio industry. And that makes for some big characters. But few characters were as big as Dieter Burmester, a man who was always larger than life, always excited by the next thing, always charismatic. It was never a handshake with Dieter, always a hug like you were a long-lost family member. He must have met thousands of people in his time – from audio enthusiasts, to distributors, to press, to owners – and all of them will remember him for his warmth and sheer enthusiasm.

Remembering Dieter

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