Haniwa, desde Japón

 Me encontré con este muy interesante fabricante de fonocaptores, tornamesas y accesorios y planificadores para fono. Por si alguien tiene algunos miles de dólares excedentes para destinarlos a estos productos parece una compra interesante.

Ultra Low Impedance Cartridges

The high end audio world is made up of “components”. Some companies design and build cartridges, some build phono preamplifiers, others build preamplifiers, amplifiers or speakers. It is rare that a company and a designer considers an entirely new “true systems” approach to audio reproduction, and starts from scratch with a “clean sheet of paper”. Dr. Kubo has done this with Haniwa … it was designed as a totally new approach to audio. While he was designing the analog front end of the Haniwa audio system, he developed new technology that overcomes problems that exist in most other systems on the market while extracting all of the music from the record groove with pristine accuracy and detail. It all starts with the sensor used to extract the music from the groove … the cartridge. In considering the cartridge pick-up system, Dr. Kubo has developed ultra-low impedance cartridges based on a current loop system as opposed to most voltage based systems.

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