Las bocinas de dos millones de dólares.

Un diseño de Bo Bengtsson de Transmission Audio siempre en búsqueda de nuevos caminos, este nuevo desarrollo me ha dejado sin habla, así que les dejo íntegro el texto publicado en

Got $2,000,000? - For years, we've followed Bo Bengtsson issuing ambitious ribbon speaker concepts via his Transmission Audio website. The latest idea consumes a cool 2 Million for which you get "a complete stereo speaker system with all the necessary amplification and installation". It breaks down into four dipole subwoofers each containing 10 x 15" woofers; two dipole woofers each containining 24 x 8" woofers; four dipole MF/HF ribbon panels each containing 14 meters of 2" wide ribbons; and two dipole HF super ribbons each containing two meters of 1" wide ribbons.

The entire array stands 2.1 meters tall and each subwoofer weighs 450kg, each woofer 300kg, each MF/HF section 250kg and each Super HF module 125kg. Crossover points are at 80/800/8000Hz via an adjustable electronic network. "Total continuouos RMS power capacity for a complete stereo system is 15.500 watts with +143dB max SPL at rated power. Delivery time is within 9 months from order and the price includes free shipping door to door and a pair of 12 x 500wpc amplifiers." Just to clarify, it wasn't April 1 when Bo's e-mail arrived. What to think?

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