Nuevos equipos Music Hall

Asi como recientemente Music Hall descontinuó sus conocidos productos 25.2 CD y amplificador integrado y el Maven, así mismo anuncia ahora el lanzamiento de estos dos nuevos modelos, les dejo la información tal cual me acaba de llegar.

What’s next after Music Hall’s “summer of disco”? Meet the new 35.2 range…


The a35.2 is a big powerful sounding integrated amplifier built to fit neatly into the modern household. Geared primarily toward the music lover with a two channel audio system, we have included a direct av input (home theater bypass), for those that want to use the amplifier section of the a35.2 to power the front channels in a home theater set-up. Constructed using the finest parts and hand assembled, the a35.2 is sure to impress.

Retail $799

cd35.2 CD player

The cd35.2 is the outstanding sequel to the highly acclaimed cd25.2. In crafting the cd35.2, we opted not to change the solid minimalist style chassis and instead focused our attention on upgrading the key sound producing components; the cd transport, dac, master clock, and power supply.

The cd transport, the core of the cd35.2, is the ultra-precision Austrian built Stream Unlimited Blue Tiger transport. This scientific-grade transport mechanism used in conjunction with a special designed low-jitter master clock and Burr-Brown PCM 1732 24bit dac produces a lively natural analog-like sound. The high grade toroidal power transformer and regulated power supplies insure the performance remains consistently exceptional.

The cd35.2 is the perfect complement to Music Hall’s a35.2 integrated amplifier. These two components combined offer a remarkable “live music” experience.

Retail $799

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