Cary Audio en el CES 2011

Cary room large system. SLP-05 preamp, CD-303T Upsampling CD/SACD/DAC (running hi-res computer music files through the DAC), (2) CAD-211FE tube monoblock amps (on Thursday & Sunday), (2) SA-500.1 solid-state monoblock amps (on Friday & Saturday), Focal Scala Utopia speakers,Tara Labs cables, Richard Gray Power Conditioning.

Cary room small system. SLI-80 integrated amp running in Class A triode mode, CD-500 upsampling CD player, MS-1 music server and Xciter DAC (running via iPhone control app), Tara Labs cables, Richard Gray Power Conditioning.

Cary system in Waterfall Audio room (French glass speakers). SLP-05, CD-303T and (2) SA-500.1 in a custom-made equipment rack, next to the Waterfall Niagara speaker. They also showed a small system using our SLI-80 integrated amp and CD-500 upsampling CD player

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