Soundstage Network y su listado de lo mejor del 2010

Product of the Year
  • Stereo Loudspeakers: Vandersteen Audio Model Seven
  • Home-Theater Speaker System: Paradigm Reference Signature S6 v.3 / C3 v.3 / ADP3 v.3 / Sub 1 / PBK
  • Electronics: Ayre Acoustics MX-R Mono Power Amplifiers and KX-R Preamplifier
  • Subwoofers: JL Audio Fathom f110
  • Cables and Accessories: Nordost Norse Frey Interconnects and Speaker Cables 
Exceptional Value
  • Stereo Loudspeakers: PSB Image T6
  • Home-Theater Speaker System: Polk Audio RTi A1 / CSi A4 / DSW Pro 400
  • Electronics: Audio Research VSi60 Integrated Amplifier
  • Subwoofers: Velodyne Optimum-10
  • Cables and Accessories: Analysis Plus Black Oval 12 Speaker Cables and Micro Copper Oval-In Interconnects
  • Pioneering Design Achievement: Vivid Audio B1 Loudspeakers
  • Aesthetics and Sound: Paradigm Reference MilleniaOne Loudspeakers


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