Muy pronto en una bocina cerca de tí: Endumax de Teijin

Dicho de modo rápido, le ha surgido una fuerte competencia al Kevlar.
Un nuevo material con aplicaciones muy interesantes para conos de bocinas es Endumax de la compañía japonesa Teijin. Vale la pena tenerlo en mente. Una muestra más que muchos de los desarrollos y avances no vienen de la mano de los mamuts corporativos del audio más procupados por fabricar barato y vender caro sino de la suma de pequeños avances por muchos otros.

Esto es Endumax:

Endumax – what is it
Endumax tape is a new, patented high-performance tape developed and made by Teijin. It can be used in a wide variety of products for various market segments – anywhere, in fact, where there is a need for superior strength, safety, light weight or durability.

For example, Endumax is used worldwide in applications and markets ranging from ballistic protection (armoring and bulletproof vests), ropes and cables to cargo containers, sails and even loudspeakers. The tape shape of Endumax allows for easy processing and seamless integration into the application of the customer.

Super-strong – and moreWeight-for-weight, Endumax is 11 times stronger than steel. But Endumax offers more than incredible strength. It is made of a special type of UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene), making it not only the strongest UHMWPE tape available in the world, but it also has a higher modulus and better UV resistance, creep properties and thermal-aging performance than other UHMWPE-fibers.

SustainabilityEndumax is the most sustainable UHMWPE product available, being made in an environmentally friendly, solvent-free process. As a result, the tape contains no additional processing aids or solvent residue. And the thermoplastic nature of UHMWPE means that it can also be easily recycled.

VersatileEndumax tape an be made in any width, depending on customers’ needs. In a special patented process, we also use Endumax tape to make a cross-plied uni-directional-laid sheet (UD). The result is a unique UD/cross-ply that can be consolidated to form plates of different shapes and thicknesses.

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Para conos de bocina.

Endumax has excellent damping properties, so in combination with its high modulus and low density, it is ideal for use in loudspeakers.

Speakers of a specific size can be designed to reach higher frequencies and deliver more output for the same input power.

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