Onkyo CP-1050: una neva tornamesa para Europa únicamente

Onkyo | Onkyo Continues 70-Year Tradition of Hi-Fi Analog Sound with New CP-1050 Turntable

Continuing this rich tradition of Hi-Fi sound, the CP-1050 turntable features a super-smooth low-torque direct-drive motor that reduces low-frequency cogging noise. Another advantage of a direct drive is less of the high-frequency noise produced by some belt-driven designs, which use a fast-spinning electric motor.
The body is constructed from thick, vibration-damping MDF and the quartz-lock-controlled platter is die-cast aluminum for smooth, precise, and stable rotation. Together with the low-noise motor and rubber slipmat, the excellent solidity and weight of the deck combine to effectively reduce vibration for clear and open analog sound.
An aluminum S-shaped tonearm with detachable headshell and flexible counterweight system enables compatibility with a wide range of aftermarket cartridges between 5–10 g. As sold, the turntable includes a quality MM cartridge that contributes to an impressive signal-to-noise ratio of over 60 dB and wow and flutter of just 0.15% at 331/3 rpm.
A button on the top left of the deck changes rotation speeds to accommodate playback of both LPs and 45s (an adapter is included for 7-inch records), while four anti-vibration feet are height-adjustable to ensure stability on a variety of surfaces. The L-R phono outputs are gold plated and there is a dedicated grounding post to prevent hum. An RCA audio cable with earth and a detachable smoked acrylic dust cover are included.
The CP-1050 looks and sounds absolutely beautiful. It boasts simple versatility to fit into almost any existing Hi-Fi system with a phono equalizer built into the amplifier. As all Onkyo A/V receivers from the TX-NR636 and up feature a phono stage (the TX-NR838 and up with Pure Direct Analog Path to enhance sound quality of analog sources), owners of Onkyo-powered home theaters can also play their LP collections as well as experiencing everything Hi-Res Audio has to offer via the home network.

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