Abrahmsen V1.0 CD desde Noruega


The V1.0 is a CD player with a newly developed advanced electro-mechanical damping system (EMD). This will give you a more exact reading of the CD disk. The V1.0 is equipped with fully balanced XLR outputs meant to be used with preamplifiers with balanced inputs, such as the Abrahamsen V3.0.It has a volume control for the analog outputs, and a coaxial output that let you use it with other digital recorders and amplifiers.The V1.0 features a fully balanced 192 KHz Class A D/A converter with 24 bit upsampling and soft filter -3dB 80 KHz.The remote control is compatible with the rest of the products in the V-series.

Plays CD/CD-R/RW Frequency response:10-20.000 Hz +/-1 dB Signal/noise: >100 dB THD: 0,002 % 24-Bit/192 kHz D/A Converter24-Bit/192 kHz Upsampler 1 Pair output XLR (balanced) 1 Pair output RCA (singel) 1 digital output (coaksial) Ring core -transformer LCD-display Digital volume control Remote controlWidth 430mmHeight 105mmDepth 321mmWeight 7.5 kg

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