La tornamesa mas funk (Funk V) en un muy funky acabado blanco.

Desde Inglaterra que tiene también una buena industria de audio análogo.

  • Vector drive (pat pend): Simply “State of the Art”…for any turntable. Conventionally, a belt yanks at the bearing / platter. As the platter rotates this continually causes bearing judder, seriously degrading low frequency resolution. To balance and linearise the drive to bearing and platter, Vector uses a patented asymmetric triple pulley arrangement. Permitting a faster servo loop, the motor now has less work to do and so gets on better with its job of smoothly turning the platter. All this is of little use unless it actually benefits us in listening. Well with noticeably enhanced low level, low frequency resolution, Funk V is clearly a superbly engineered Giant Killer of a design.
  • Achroplat(pat pend): Improving on acrylic, it is the perfect Achromatic (non-resonant) support
  • Inverted Sapphire Bearing. Very hard, very highly polished. Seen in the highest performance decks.
  • DC Motor drive. Low vibration and optimally matched to the platter’s inertia for consistent drive.
  • Sorbothane connected feet to isolate critical midband energy from the outside world.
  • Available in purple, black and white colours.

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