Casi increíble pero cierto: 600 Watts de potencia en un chip.

Texas Instruments presentó su nueva generación de amplificadores integrados Pure Path Clase D, con una salida de 600 Watts en mono y 300W en estéreo.

Texas Instruments Inc. announces the TAS5630 and TAS5631 Class-D audio amplifiers that advance the home entertainment experience. The devices are capable of driving 600W, featuring the highest stereo output power in the industry that is more than twice that of the closest comparable devices.

Using TI's closed-loop architecture, the amplifiers integrate PurePath HD technology to achieve HD media playback and ultralow distortion in A/V and DVD receivers, Blu-ray home theater systems, home theater-in-a-box, mini/micro component systems and professional audio systems.

The devices feature audio bandwidth exceeding 73kHz to achieve high-definition media playback in applications such as in Blu-ray home theater systems. They offer low distortion across frequency, delivering a rich, natural sound. Plus high power supply noise rejection reduces BOM and lowers system cost by relaxing power supply requirements.

Also, the audio amplifiers offer 300W stereo or 600W mono output power at greater than 88 percent efficiency, eliminating the need for transformers or large heat sinks, reducing BOM and total solution cost. A 0.03 percent THD at 1W into 4Ω load (stereo) provides ultra-low distortion at normal listening levels. Thus the devices offer power levels equivalent to traditional discrete Class-D amplifiers with 70 percent fewer components, lowering system failure rate, accelerating time-to-market and achieving higher manufacturing yield.

Power supply reference designs are available to further simplify development, and design is made easier by analog and pulse-width modulation (PWM) input options in pin-compatible packages that maximize design flexibility. Specifically, pin compatibility with the TAS5615 and TAS5616 150W stereo amplifiers maximizes design reuse for lower power systems.

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