Para tener un cuarto a prueba de sonido.

Me llegó esta información sobre este dispositivo para tener puertas de cierre hermético acústicamente hablando, serán más que adecuadas para quien este buscando o contruyendo un cuarto dedicado de audio o estudio de grabación.

Door Seals are a critical part of every soundproofing project!

Unsealed gaps and clearances in door assemblies effectively cancel out the soundproofing benefits of the highest-rated acoustical doors. A 1% opening around a door will allow up to 50% of the sound to pass through that opening. Consider this; a 1/8" opening around all four sides of a door will reduce the effective rating of an STC 52 door down to an STC 21 – guaranteeing very poor acoustical performance.

Acoustical Solutions' acoustical door seal kits close off these clearances or openings. Each door seal kit includes an automatic door bottom, which is spring operated, dropping a neoprene seal onto a threshold and effectively sealing off the bottom of the door. In addition to that, their door seal kits include high-grade neoprene door jams for the vertical sides and top of the door. Custom door seal kits are available for oversized doors as well as double doors. Please call Acoustical Solutions' technical sales staff with any questions on soundproofing a door at 1-800-782-5742.

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