Margules The Orpheus

Si bien Margules Audio ha sido reconocida por años por sus productos en general, siendo además uno de los pocos logros de manufactura mexicana en una escala de volumen alto considerando lo limitado del mercado - otros esfuerzos mexicanos los constituyen entidades como Ozval Audio, un amigo en Guadalajara del cual no recuerdo su nombre, Deja Vu y en el ámbito profesional Edax Audio - he de ser franco y decir que en lo personal es este modelo de altavoces el que me resulta muy interesante, así pues aunque algo tardío tal vez traemos este modelo de Margules para que lo conozcan.

Dejémos que sea el fabricante quien nos detalle más sobre este modelo, aunque sea en inglés.

The Orpheus

In a never-ending quest, Margules Audio has been working to advance in the perfection of music reproduction. The Orpheus is an ambitious loudspeaker project made by Margules Audio based on the achievements of The Grand Orpheus. It incorporates our constantly evolving expertise, true craftsmanship, and years of accumulated experience, with the best available components resulting in an outstanding solid performance loudspeaker. The Orpheus was engineered for extremely accurate, sweet dynamic sound that reveals spectacular detail. It unveils the subtlest variations with astonishing transparency. Because of its efficiency, the Orpheus can be driven with tube amplifiers.

The Orpheus uses three drivers in a three-way configuration. The angled pyramidal shaped cabinet virtually eliminates edge diffraction effects. It minimizes comb filtering or "Venetian blinding" (abrupt changes in frequency response with horizontal movement) and avoids standing waves with its design without parallel walls.

The unit incorporates a ceramic woofer with a titanium voice coil former and a tweeter with ultra hard dome material that moves like a piston well above the audible frequency and the high internal sound velocity, resulting in very low distortion and virtually no coloration. To compensate for the diffraction losses and to achieve a high efficiency, the unit incorporates a ceramic woofer loudspeaker. Each of the loudspeakers is located in a different chamber and is loaded independently.

Frequency response

40-45,000 khz

89 db

Max. Sound Pressure
112 db

45 kg each

Height: 115 cm
Widht: 30 cm
Depth: 30 cm

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