El deplorable y extraño deceso de Raysonic.

Yo nunca tuve problema y tenía  ala marca en un concepto de calidad. Hoy me informó un proveedor en EUA que Raysonic simplemente desapareció y un cliente publicó en Internet este email que le hicieron llegar.

Dear customers,
We are the workers of Raysonic Company of Taishan Danxing Audio Technology Co. LTD. in China. Our boss named Steven Leung or Leung Kam Leong RAN AWAY/Absconded on 19th Sept. 2012. Now the company is bankrupt. We haven’t been paid for the salary for more than 6 months and the total amount is more than USD30000. He also defrauded about USD 60000 from first payment/deposit of foreign businessmen. He also owes nearly USD 170000 to those material suppliers, house decoration company, shipping costs and the house renting fee and so on. His Raysonic brand is a brand that used to cheat people. The appearance for his products is garish, but the components inside the products are with bad quality. Customers had to send their amps back to him to repair for many times. Please do not be cheated again by him.

If you know where this Steven Leung or Leung Kam Leong is, then please kindly to tell us. He should pay us the salary. We worked so hard for him and we need to live with that salary!

If you don’t believe, you can call his telephone NO. of his Raysonic company here: 0086-7505626822. You will see that you got no answer.

The attachment is Raysonic’s business license. The boss, Leung Kam Long or Steven Leung is a Chinese, but immigrated to Canada for some years. He just registered the Raysonic for a few years and have already cheated a lot of people!

All the members that are cheated by Raysonic.
20th Sept.2012

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