Un buen reproductor de CD en esta epoca de resurgimiento de DACs...

Ahora abundan los DACs, estado solido, mosfet, a bulbos con USB, todos pensando en medios de almacenamiento masivo, pero si revisamos los catálogos veremso cada vez menos reproductores para CD's de calidad por lo que creo que sería muy interesante dad la extensa oferta de DACs y para quien busca un buen reproductor de CD combinar un lector más un DAC, pero lectores de calidad hay pocos pues aun usar un reproductor convencional de DVD suele ser arriesgado dado que muchos productos han visto la calidad decrecer en aras de un precio reducido. Así pues las opciones son pocas para encontrar un lector dedicado, solo pienso en tomar algo de TEAC/TASCAM de sus lineas Contractor o Studio o este HBB UDP-89, un equipo que por si mismo ofrece lectura universal pero que creo funcionaría mejor aun con un buen DAC dada su construcción. Ya lo comente antes pero no está de más repasarlo.


DVD playback is an ever expanding requirement in virtually every type of AV installation, from broadcast facilities and boardroom presentations to public information displays and entertainment systems.

The HHB UDP-89 is designed to provide the system integrator with a highly robust, flexible and professionally specified alternative to the consumer players that have previously been pressed into service.

The UDP-89 is a universal DVD/CD player that delivers broadcast-quality video and audio playback and has a host of professional interfacing features that make it ideal for use in a wide variety of mobile and fixed installations.

By making the UDP-89 compatible with a huge array of disc and file formats, HHB has effectively removed the limitations imposed by conventional devices to produce a truly universal player. CD, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-Video, SACD, DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW and DVD+RW are all supported, and MPEG4 .avi video files can also be played.


The UDP-89 delivers the ultimate in DVD video quality HDMI output, six 14-bit 165MHz video DACs providing progressive scan 480p/576p, plus upscaling to 720p and 1080i (available from both HDMI and component outputs). Unlike the majority of DVD players in which audio is so often the poor partner, the UDP-89 features Wolfson 24-bit/192kHz audio DACs and high-end analog circuitry for audiophile performance. And the UDP-89 is the only DVD player available with stereo and 5.1 balanced audio outputs to get the very best from high-resolution SACD and DVD-Audio formats.


Definitely not based on a consumer device, the UDP-89 is designed and built from the ground up for demanding professional use. The rugged, rack-mounting chassis houses a pro-grade disc drive comprising of a durable disc loader with a smooth, positive action, and a high-performance laser assembly, extensively tested for dependable, long-term use.


A complete set of professional audio and video outputs (see above) and a full complement of professional features equip the UDP-89 for use in almost any audio or video disc playing application. The A-B repeat mode makes the UDP-89 ideal for use in fixed installations, while professional cueing functions and RS232 control are essential features that make it ideal as the heart of an interactive display.


The inclusion of a multichannel preamplifier makes it possible to connect the UDP-89 directly to an active 5.1 speaker system, with versatility and convenience enhanced yet further by the inclusion of a volume control which can also be controlled remotely via RS232 or the supplied infra-red remote control.

And wherever space is at a premium, users will appreciate that the UDP-89 can be securely mounted in just 1U of rack space

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