El impresionante SACD/CD McIntosh MCD500

Una de las ms emblemticas marcas en el audio high end presenta un supremo reproductor SACD/CD con una capacidad de procesamiento muy alta y la inconfundible esttica de la casa. Sin lugar a dudas a tener en cuenta a la hora de escoger y un formidable competir en el rango de precios de Esoteric SA-60, Cary CD306 y otros ms.

MCD500 SACD/CD Player Specifications
Audio Specifications:
Fixed Output level
2.0Vrms Unbalanced
4.0Vrms Balanced

Variable Output level:
0 - 6.0Vrms Unbalanced
0- 12.0Vrms Balanced

Output Impedance:
600 ohms Unbalanced and Balanced

Frequency Response:
4Hz to 40,000Hz, +0.5, -2dB (SACD)
4Hz to 20,000Hz, ??0.5dB (CD)

Signal to Noise Ratio:
Better than 110dB (A-weighted)

Dynamic Range:
Better than 100dB

Harmonic Distortion:
0.0015% @ 1000Hz (SACD)
0.0015% @ 1000Hz (CD)

Channel Separation:
Better than 98dB (1,000Hz)

General Specifications:
Digital Input:
Optical: - 15dbm to -21dbm (PCM1 - CD Format only)
Coaxial: 0.5V p-p/75 ohm (PCM1 - CD Format only)
Sampling Frequencies: 44.1kHz (PCM1)

Digital Output:
Optical: - 15dbm to -21dbm (PCM1 - CD Format only)
Coaxial: 0.5V p-p/75 ohm (PCM1 - CD Format only)
Sampling Frequencies: 44.1kHz (PCM1)

Laser Type: Twin Beam
Laser Beam Wavelength: 650nm (SACD)/790nm (CD)
Laser Power: CLASS IIa/CLASS I

Power Requirements:
100 Volts, 50/60Hz at 35 watts
110 Volts, 50/60Hz at 35 watts
120 Volts, 50/60Hz at 35 watts
220 Volts, 50/60Hz at 35 watts
230 Volts, 50/60Hz at 35 watts
240 Volts, 50/60Hz at 35 watts

Standby: Less than 1 watt
Note: Refer to the rear panel of the MCD500 for the correct voltage.

Overall Dimensions:
Width is 17-1/2 inches (44.45cm)
Height is 6 inches (15.24cm)
Depth is 16-1/2 inches (41.91cm)
Note: When the Disc Tray is opened, the panel clearance required in front of mounting panel is 6-3/4 inches (17.2cm).

28.2 pounds (12.8Kg) net, 44.6 pounds (20.2Kg) in shipping carton

Shipping Carton Dimensions:
Width is 26-1/2 inches (67.3cm)
Depth is 24-1/4 inches (62.2cm)
Height is 11-3/4 inches (29.9cm)

1 PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) Digital Signal type used for CD Discs

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For the Consumer's Protection
In order to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, "new" McIntosh products may only be purchased over-the-counter or delivered and installed by an Authorized McIntosh Dealer.

McIntosh products that are purchased over the Internet, by phone or mail order are presumed to be "used" and do not qualify for any McIntosh Warranty. McIntosh does not warrant, in any way, products that are purchased from anyone who is not an Authorized Dealer or products that have had their serial number altered or defaced.

Ms sobre su poderoso procesador ESS Sabre Reference:

McIntosh Laboratory Chooses ESS's Sabre Reference Audio D/A Converter For Its New MCD500 SACD/CD Player
September 1, 2008
Fremont, CA - ESS Technology, a leading provider of high performance audio/video solutions, recently announced that its Sabre Reference eight-channel audio D/A converter (ES9008) is incorporated in the new McIntosh Laboratory MCD500 SACD/CD Player (MSRP: $6500), scheduled for availability this month.

The MCD500, housed with a rigid aluminum die-cast mechanism base with aluminum die-cast tray, is a two-channel SACD/CD player supporting SACD, hybrid SACD, CD, CD-R and CR-RW disc playback. Both balanced and unbalanced outputs with fixed or variable volume are provided, together with a low-impendence headphone output. The MCD500 can also be used as standalone D/A converter thought its coaxial or optical digital audio input.

The MCD500's analog stereo output will surpass the expectations of the most demanding audio enthusiasts with its wide dynamic range, extremely low distortion, exceptionally wide sound stage and jitter-free music clarity offered by the ESS Sabre Reference 8-channel D/A converter in Stereo Quad Balanced mode. With patented multi-bit Hyperstream(TM) modulator with Revolver Dynamic Matching and time-domain Jitter Eliminator, the ESS Sabre Reference has become the new standard for true studio-quality audio D/A conversion through its unprecedented dynamic range of up to 134dB and ultra low distortion of -118dB.

The Sabre Reference supports SPDIF stereo and multi-channel digital audio in PCM or DSD formats, featuring click-free soft mute and volume control, de-emphasis, zero detect, programmable roll-off filter characteristics and can be configured to output mono, stereo, 4- or 8-channel audio in current or voltage modes for performance optimization.

Ron Evans, VP of Engineering for McIntosh Laboratory, said, "The MCD500 was designed to meet the demands of the most discriminating audiophiles. The ESS Sabre Reference D/A converter enables MC500 to reproduce CD and SACD music with extreme precision and elegance. The sound is truly exceptional."

Robert Wong, vice-president of marketing and worldwide sales for ESS Technology, said, "We are excited that McIntosh has selected the Sabre Reference for its new flagship SACD/CD player. Through our patented groundbreaking technologies, the Sabre Reference has become the industry's benchmark for audio D/A converters offering studio-quality jitter free performance with unprecedented richness and clarity for every serious music enthusiast."

SOURCE: ESS Technology

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