Singular reproductor universal a baterías de HolFi

Desde Dinamarca llega este singular equipo, reproductor universal, operado a baterias y un singular frente en madera.


Xandra MP is our top of the line cd-player and it also plays SA-CD and DVD-video both in stereo and multi channel. Unlike many other multi format players the Xandra MP does not use a switch mode power supply, but rather a good old fashioned linear power supply backed up with battery power.
Like other holfi products the analogue section is a single ended / non feedback design. The virtual center speaker (VCS) – a unique holfi feature – allows you to play full surround sound without the use of a center speaker - and even better sound quality.

There is a rumour among hi-fi enthusiasts that multi format players do not play CD´s well. This rumour is mostly true, and the reason is (in our experience) that they use a switch mode power supply, which is cheap, easy to make and generates much less heat than a conventional power supply. In our experience it is however not usable for high quality audio and that is the reason why we do not want switch mode power supplies in our products. In stead we have applied a good old fashioned linear power supply which in plain figures has 30 times less noise than a switch mode power supply. To take it to an even higher level we have supplied the Xandra MP with Battery Power in the analogue section.

The effort that was put into the power supply is matched by the analogue amplifier section , which avoids the use of global feedback, and is built discrete and single ended with the best possible components. We believe less to be more if careful design is backed up by careful selection of components. We have put years into selecting the right components and the knowledge we have in this area are used by other companies as well.

The Xandra MP allows you to use your high quality set up not only for high quality audio in two or more channels – it also give you access to home cinema at it´s very best (yes, of course home cinema benefits from a high end hi-fi set up as well). The only connection that gives you access to SA-CD in full resolution is the analogue output, and when that is connected you automatically have access to it all without compromise. Xandra MP offers picture in best possible DVD-quality (analogue or digital).

The VCS-function is available to allow you to get multi channel sound without using a center speaker. What is unique about VCS arises from the fact that it is done in the analogue domain and unlike other digital versions of avoiding the center speaker, VCS maintains the maximum sound quality and leaves you in control of the center speaker signal (level and delay). If you have a high quality set-up you will get better sound quality with this function, you will avoid redecorating your living room to fit in a center speaker (your wife will be happy!) and you will have more money to buy wanted music - in stead of unwanted equipment(!).

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