Esto es el encanto del high end: Birland Odeon-Platinum DAC

No se si soy muy suceptible al disenio, filosofias de fabricacion, manufactura y todo lo relativo a un producto, pero descubrir este tipo de productos sigue siendo tan gustoso como hace anios.

Caros ? Si, seguramente lo son pero eso es una parte del encanto, la otra no me cuesta nada y no por no poder pagar hablaré mal de marcas, filosofias y enfoques, eso termina siendo mas celos y envidia que valoracion objetiva.

The Odéon-Pt premieres our Platinum line of FlagShip products bringing you our best "Savoir Faire" in this ultimate DAC. Building on the legacy of our highly successful line of DACs, the Odéon-Pt is our new innovative, state of the art DAC / DSP both in terms of sonic performance, visual delight and functionality. The Odéon-Pt yields two slots inside for optional upgrade add-on daughter boards. The first slot can hold an input modifier board that converts Analog input3 into a RIAA Phono preamp input. The second slot can hold a DSP board to support the firewire IEEE1394 digital input for multi-channel support.
As a DAC and Pre-Amplifier, the Odéon-Pt is the perfect center piece for a top of the line 2 channel audio system. With the DSP add-on it will become the ultimate high-end receiver for both a 2 channel high-end audio and multi-channel entertainment system.

Top Features

3* Analog Inputs
Besides being our best DAC, the Odéon-Pt doubles as a Pre-Amplifier by offering 3 asymmetric analog inputs in the back thus completely eliminating the need for a pre-amplifier in your system. Furthermore, Analog Input 3 can be converted to a RIAA Phono MC/MM input with the use of the upcoming phono upgrade add-on daughter board.

5.1 Digital Inputs
Of course, the Odéon-Pt is first and foremost a Digital to Analog Converter, now offering a total of 5+1 digital inputs. We say 5+1 because there are 5 digital inputs supported in the standard version of the unit while the +1 refers to the Firewire IEEE1394 upgrade input available with the DSP add-on board. The 5 inputs available in the standard version include 2 high quality TosLink connectors, 1 BNC, 1 RCA and one Balanced AES/EBU XLR input.

Balanced and Asymmetric outputs
Due to popular demand, we decided to include Balanced outputs to the Odéon-Pt. Not only these are true Balanced outputs but they are also controlled by the high-performance volume potentiometer allowing for direct connection to Amplified Speakers such as those found in professional studios.

Technical Values
220 New Generation Re-Clocker
The Odéon-Pt includes our brand new two to the power of twenty re-clocker technology as a standard feature. Thanks to the ever shrinking silicon, our new reclocker technology is capable of interpolating the input signal to 220; that is, between every two digital audio samples entering the DAC, our reclocker re-creates over one million data points allowing us the resample the signal with an incredible acuracy to a new local precision clock of 210KHz for a virtually jitter-free performance. Combined with our award winning digital filter which can virtually recreate 24 bits of detail out of 16 bit CDs, the Odéon-Pt will not only deliver the finest performance from high-resolution audio sources but it will also bring your current CD collection to a new and incredible level of detail and sound stage as it upgrades them to 24 bits at 210KHz.

New Generation Solid-TubeTM Output stages.
The Odéon-Pt also features a new generation of our famous Solid-TubeTM technology output stages, which is a combination of bipolar, mosfet and jfet transistors matched and assembled to only extract the best linear characteristics of their technologies. Along with our signature matched digital filter which guarantees a zero phase shift at 20KHz, this combination yields the same transparent and neutral restitution that we are famous for along with a even wider and bigger sound stage than ever before.

Multiple Power Sources
Loyal to our design practices, the Odéon-Pt stars two disctinct toroidal transformers to power the Digital and Analog spaces. Both transformers provide for 6 distinct regulated power sources with a multitude of filters to provide a grand total of 19 distributed power circuits required to run the unit. From highly efficient 1.5MHz switched power supplies for low loss digital processing, to distributed low-noise linear regulators for the analog circuits; the Pt certainly puts the best of new and old technologies at work, with - of course - disctinct filtration+regulation for the Left and Right channels, further improving the sound stage.

Oversized Power Transformers
Besides having multiple power sources, the supplies are designed with insanely 20 times oversized high quality toroidal transformers - not that it was necessary but, virtually eliminating voltage fluctuations due to digital activity. This combined with the internal 19 distributed power conditionning yields the lowest noise we ever observed in DACs on the market.

High Quality design
Of course, the Odéon-Pt is designed with the principles and philosophy that we have aquired for a long time now. As aways, surface mount provides for direct contact of the components to the board copper (almost bypassing the solder) and of course, very short traces; the longest signal path in the Odéon-Pt is just a bit over one inch (2.5cm). This state of the art design retains its sonic qualities with the use of high quality components such as low ESR power capacitors distributed all over the board, gold plated connectors, precision metal oxide resistors, high putiry copper boards, etc..

Custom Motorized ALPS Volume
Let's face it, there are no digital volume circuits, no relay arrays, and no four quadrant multipliers that can provide the same sonic transparancy of a high quality potentiometer. This is what we mean by combining the best of modern with old technologies, some things are better left unchanged. We have tried everything from a series of silver plated relays which have the marvelous characteristic of chaning the sound as you change volume, to the most complex four quadrant multiplier, nothing equated the elegance and transparency of a high quality volume potentiometer. In our case, we are glad to be able to provide you this high quality, custom designed motorized ALPS for a sound that will certainly leave most preamplifiers in the dust.

Anyway you look at it, the Odéon-Pt is our flagship not just because of it's elegant scuplture of modern taste, it IS our FlagShip because of its carefuly engineered clever design, packing the best of old and new technologies, used exactely where they should be to provide the best possible sound, with no corners cut because of cost issues. Everything is as it should be. The only unfortunate thing - some could argue - is the cost. This being said, we are still proud to provide you with this state of the art piece at its cost.. After all, other manufacturers still have no shame charging you more than twice our cost for undeniably inferior products.

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