Most Wanted 2008 de

Stereo Times: Tal vez un poco mas alejado de las grandes marcas conocidas pero buscando como es natural un alto desempeño audiofilo.

ASR Basis Exclusive 2X Phono Preamplifier ($8,400)

Basis Audio Work of Art Turntable [$135k]

Benz-Micro Ebony L MC Phono Cartridge ($3,500)

Blue Circle Audio SBH Headphone Amplifier ($1,195)

Musical Surroundings Nova Phonomena Phono Preamp ($995)

Tri-Planar Ultimate VII Precision Tonearm ($4,700)

Abbingdon Music Research CD-777 ($8,500)

Bel Canto DAC3 ($2,495)

EmmLabs CDSA SE CD/Stereo SACD Player ($10,000)

Holfi Xandra MP ($10k)

Marantz SA-15S1 Super Audio CD Player ($1999.99 MSRP, $1399.99 street price )

Nova Physics Memory Player ($12,500)

Oppo DV-980H Universal Disc Player ($169)

Zero One Mercury HD/CD player ($2,700)

Audio Analogue Maestro CD Player and Duecento Integrated Amp ($3,400 and $10,000 respectively)

Audio Valve Eklipse Preamplifier ($6,000)

ASR Emitter II Exclusive B version Blue ($27,895)

Behold Gentile G192 Integrated amplifier (starts at $15k)

Lavardin IT Integrated Amplifier ($7,495)

NuForce Reference 9V2 SE Amplifiers ($5,000/pr.)

NuForce P-9 ($3150)

NuForce Reference 9 V2 Special Edition Monoblocks ($5k/pair)

Spectron Audio Musician III Signature Edition Amplifier ($6,495)

Red Wine Audio 30.2 Integrated Amplifier ($3,000)

XLH M-2000 Monoblock Amplifiers ($25,000 per pair)

Hansen The Prince V.2 Loudspeaker ($39,000)

Hyperion Audio HPS 968 Speakers ($7000)

JAS Orsa Loudspeaker ($2,495/pr)

Tidal Contrivas (Starting at $38,000)

Volent Paragon VL-3

Xavian Giulietta Loudspeaker ($3,200/pr)

Acoustic Revive RR-77 ($425)

Acoustic Revive AC conditioners (starting at $1,250), REM-8 ($550), RGC-24 ($500), RR-77 ($450) and RWL-3 ($950 ea)

The Acoustic Revive RPT-4 passive power conditioner ($2250).

Acoustic Revive - Single core speaker cable SPC-2 (price TBA)

Acoustic Revive REM-8 ($550), DSIX 1.0 Digital cable ($1,075 XLR with DPS-1 external Power Supply add $1,500), and RWL-3 Acoustic Panels ($950 ea).

Acoustic Revive RR-77 ($425) and RTP-2 AC Line Conditioner ($1250)

Bybee Super Effect AC cords ($3k)

LessLoss Dynamic Filtering AC Power Cords:

PS Audio Power Plant Premier ($2195 direct)

PS Audio Quintet Power Line Conditioner ($495)

Signal Cable MagicPower AC Power Cord ($59.00 for 1 meter length)

Silent Running Audio Isolation Platforms: Tremor/Less ($250-$300 depending on size) and VR-Series (starting at $350)

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