La clase A sera vetada por la Union Europea

Segun informacion de la Union Europea en el marco de sus politicas de proteccion ambiental esta por vetar el uso de amplificadores clase A, lo que es una seguramente tragedia para muchos, incluyendo por supuesto los amantes de los amplificadores SET, una epoca llegara a su fin pero a la vez es una oportunidad para disenioos mas actuales como la clase D en mejora constante desde hace anios:

November 2008: D Class Semi Finals?: Class D continues to make inroads, no doubt spurred by looming EU legislature that is planned to outlaw class A consumer amps for energy inefficiency. This would kill off the species known as SET aka the single-ended amplifier since that, regardless of transistor or triode, operates in class A. But that's not the only connection between D class and tubes. Very curiously, many designers of valve amps have begun to embrace class D rather than crossing over to more traditional class A or A/B transistor topologies. John Stronczer of Bel Canto probably started the trend, migrating from 845-based amplifiers directly to Tripath. Today we have Audio Research and Cary with class D amps. But even in the truly exotic sector, there are migrations...

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