Nueva y pooderosa herramienta para el audiofilo

Que tal este equipo Phonic, reemplaza el usar computadora, cables y micrófonos en un conjunto que si bien pudiera tener alguna limitante, su conveniencia sin duda salta a la vista.

-Powerful dual channel palm-size audio analyzer
-480 x 272 color LCD touch screen
-Two built-in measurement condenser mic can be put in remote position
-Tone generator includes pink noise, white noise, sine wave, sweep, polarity, triangle and square
-Useful functions include RTA, LEQ, RT-60, FFT, THD+N, Polarity, Phase, Scope and Meter (dB SPL, dBu, dBV & Volt)
-Elegant graphical user interface
-Long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery system
-USB port and SD card slot included for storing and retrieving data
-30 - 130 dB SPL meter

The PAA6 is the latest and the greatest in a long line of popular handheld audio analyzers from Phonic. All functions and menus are easily accessed through a 480 x 272 color touch-screen display. The PAA6 inherits significantly improved functions from the older models in the Phonic audio analyzer family, including real time spectrum, RT60, tone generator, LEQ, EQ setting and phase checking. Moreover, the PAA6 audio tester provides engineers with an even wider array of essential sound analysis tools than ever before - now adding SLM, FFT, THD+N, and scope functions to the mix, as well as two built-in mics that can take highly accurate measurements from multiple positions in any given room. A USB connector and SD card slot have been included to assist in transferring information to and from your computer. This feature-rich, portable audio tester is sure to satisfy even the most discerning professional audio engineer.


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