Odyssey KISMET descrito como increible en RMAF 2008

Los comentarios que he leido sobre la nueva linea KISMET de Odyssey son realmente entusiasmantes, Klaus cumple una vez más, me comentó que sería algo realmente sorprendente y tal parece que asi es. Me da mucho gusto.

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It's my first post here. Klaus told me about Audiocircle, and I met a few members in his room. I am very glad that I made the trip from SF. I wanted to check out the Belles amps and the Salk and Emerald Physics speakers. They all are very good. excellent, actually. And then I made the mistake of walking into the Odyssey room. Yes, I have read about Odyssey but always dismissed them because of the low prices. Big mistake as it turns out.

Klaus is showing his new Kismet line. Let me explain it this way, I am buying the complete Kismet system, loudspeakers, mono amps ( actually 5 of them), Candela preamp, which will be upgraded to the Kismet preamp next year, and the Kismet phono stage. What I have heard in the Odyssey room was unbelievable. The musicality, the amount of effortless and layered soundstaging, the voicing, dynamics, every part of the performance had me drooling. The woodworking on the cabinets are beautiful, and the machining of the Kismet electronics are out of this world. Klaus showed a case disassembled, and I would eagerly pay $ 2000 for a case alone. UNBELIEVABLE. But a case does not make music, and the Odyssey room was on the very top of my list for best sound. Easily on the top of the list, besting systems for $ 100.000 and more. Ultimately the one product that I am impressed with the most is the Kismet phono preamp. Looks of a $ 10,000 unit and a sound that is soooooo good.

I know that many others feel the same. Outside the Odyssey room I overheard two magazine reviewers exiting the room. They could not believe what they heard. I spent two hours in the Odyssey room and a vast majority of the people coming in for a listening were godsmacked. My brother in law came with me and he was not really looking to buy anything. More a boys out of town trip for him. He loves music and plays Saxophone, but not a real audiophile. in the end he also bought a system, Loreleis, Stratos stereo amplifier and the Candela. I know that Klaus is doing serious business at the show. A couple sat with us for some time and they ended up getting the complete Kismet system as well. Imagine this we had to wait for them to sign up before we could order. In his folder I saw the order sheets. Klaus had over 20 orders already. On Saturday afternoon with Sunday still to come. His system is that exceptional.

I don't think that it is a secret here on Audiocircle that Klaus is a great guy. He is funny, no bull whatsoever. He is a huge guy with a personality to match. We had some drinks and we enjoyed his company. We had drinks, he had coffee.

Everybody out there, check out the Kismet. In my 35 years in this hobby I have never been this impressed.

Thank you, Nicolas

IMHO the sound of the Odyssey room at RMAF bested many of those with systems costing thousands of dollars more...

I took one picture of the Kismet amps and speakers:

Hope you can see the picture - Nice meeting you Nicolas - congratulations on your purchase! I am constantly amazed at how well the Loreleis Image....

I discussed the glass ceiling upgrade option for my stratos monos se's with Klaus at RMAF. I explained that I had done no room conditioning as of yet and I felt that should be my next step before I spend more $$ on electronics. He agreed with me and suggested I put a couple of artificial plants behind my Lorelei's -
I have them 24" from the back wall with a big screen TV is between them (not the best configuration) -
So my wife and I bought some plants with straw/bamboo stalks behind them (stalks are about 5' high) and placed them behind the loreleis- OMG what a great upgrade - the loreleis image better than ever before, I could hear the music come into better focus as my wife placed the plants behind the speakers...

Klaus is a wonderful person, I'm a customer for life also.


- Martin

Yep, the Kismet speakers absolutely crushed speakers costing thousands more and I was one of the ones that ordered a pair on Saturday at RMAF. I had absolutely no intention of purchasing any commercially available speakers as I enjoy building my own (using other's designs), but the Kismets were impressive enough that I don't think I could do better. I sure hope thay sound as good as they did at RMAF in my listening room.

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